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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul View Post
    Please stop sharing this old, outdated Bill.

    It was withdrawn.

    A new Bill has been prepared but has yet to see the light of day, let alone survive public comments and parliamentary scrutiny.

    We killed the old bill that sits at this link stone dead. We are much, much stronger now. Witness Francois Beukmann's actual comments: Every time he talks about firearms that require attention he prefaces it with "illegal"!
    Thanks for bringing some much needed clarity Paul.

    I must admit, one of my biggest frustrations with the gun-owners "community" is the amount of hearsay and pure BS information that goes around.
    Whats worse is that a lot of firearms instructors and gun shop owners i.e. "people that are supposed to know" seem to be the biggest culprits.

    I've had to tell several individuals to stop talking shit and go check the GOSA website if they want the actual facts.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheFogg View Post
    Thanks Paul, GOSA and everyone that is working hard in the background to fight for all of us!!!
    Hear, hear!

    Thanks Paul & Co for all your hard work! Very proud to be a GOSA member!

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    Default Re: government and gun control...

    Add my thanks to Paul & Co for all their tireless and thankless work

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    Default Re: government and gun control...

    Quote Originally Posted by ARM505 View Post
    "high calibre firearms".....always love that one.

    5.56 = small calibre. 5.56 after smoking some weed = "high calibre"

    7.62 on crack = "extra high calibre"


    Also: "The Portfolio Committee said that the long-awaited Firearms Amendment Bill should be tabled as soon as possible.
    With a version of the bill having existed as far back as 2006, a more recent 2015 iteration of the bill calls for a number of amendments to current gun laws in the country – including much stricter regulations on ownership and sale of guns in the country,"

    .....has bad stuff for us in it.

    So it's as you say - somehow legal stuff somehow gets lumped in with the obviously criminal stuff.
    The word "iteration" is a dll and takes you to the heading of the 2015 draft bill, which specifically refers to firearms being licenced only after holding 2 years dedicated status. There is no further context as it is just the heading. I then searched further on that site and found the only other link I could find was the draft bill to which I provided a link. The heading and the text of the bill differ significantly. It also states on the website that it is only in draft form.

    I am certainly not attempting to muddy the waters or pass around BS. In fact my attempt was to get to the root of the thing. A brief look at the GOSA website tells me nothing about the draft legislation and it is only after I contacted them that they confirmed that it had been withdrawn and that nothing new has been tabled.

    So thank you GOSA, Paul and anyone else who was involved in killing the draft. Us newbies really appreciate it!

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