Quick update,

I took the plunge, with a twist...

So I purchased the Glock 19(from Spartan Arms, Dealt With Doug, AWESOME experience) with full intention to license as Section 15, spoke to someone recommended by Doug who assists with motivations and explained my life goals and dreams to her.
This resulted in me calling up Doug to swap the G19 for a G17........

Right so my long term ideal I had in my head was to have a G19 as SD and not to put too many rounds through and then to have a G17 as a occasional sports gun that I can run as often as i feel needed, So Ashleigh quite simply said, why not go straight for the G17 on S15, sell my current S13 then purchase the G19 on S13.

Why did i not think of this, No re-licensing and swapping licenses around and so on.

So Doug gladly swapped out the G19 for the G17 and licensing is underway.

I would ultimately like to carry the G17 daily till my current S13 is sold but will see how things play out.

Thanks to all who gave input