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    Default Re: Some advice on CZ 75

    Quote Originally Posted by Keepleft View Post
    Roughly, how many rounds per month is "enough"? The more the better, obviously, but what's a decent figure to work towards to get decent training and practice with on a monthly basis?

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    I would say,if you cant shoot accurately drawing & your grouping are miles apart,practice & get better with it than
    to spend a grand a day on a shooting range just to proof you can show round count & impress others than to rather improve your skills,you can & will obtain the skills even with less rounds(100 a month..or whatever target u have in mind,what your budget etc allows rather than to prove a point)..just need to get your mindset right,practice not to waist bullets just my 2c..

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    Default Re: Some advice on CZ 75

    Quote Originally Posted by Piet vWdVries View Post
    a 75 from 1978 might be a shortrail version, which is quite desirable if in pristine condition. Be sure to be sure what you have there before doing stuff to it.

    Be aware that if you do replace the hammer, you may need to go ahead and change the entire sear, ejector and trigger transfer bar system. 78 hammers are not the same as other 78 hammers or modern ones. God Bless CZ :)

    If you are going to shoot it in a cool manner, you need to look at replacing or fixing the mag brake plate. Remember your pistol is from an era in the European revolver/pistol service use transition, and manufacturers dealt with this in different ways. CZ by means of the brake plate. Please do not just remove the brake plate, as it also serves 2 other purposes, one of which is structural. It can sometimes be reworked into a modern shape, but also easily replaced.

    The 75 family went through many changes throughout it's long production, and as such you can never just buy mags and expect them to fit. Even if they fit into your best friend's (apparently) identical 75. You are also not going to be able to gauge the fit of mags until you have sorted the brake issue. Who knows, you may find that after fixing that, that your current two mags never did fit properly either :)

    My advice, were we friends, would be to keep the gun as is, replace all primary and secondary springs, fix the magbrake, get a nice pair of Hogue Wraparound grips, as many mags as you can stuff down your pants, and then zenfully accept that whatever upgrade dreams you have are going to get derailed anyway as soon as you get to sight replacement, and that the cheaper way to turn a 75 into a shadow is, sadly, or happily, to just get a shadow. Also.

    I almost never get to shoot 75's , so my experience is obviously poor. I almost dont even own any, so make of it all what you will.
    I have no intention of turning this 75 into a Shadow. I might buy a P-07/9 down the line to do more upgrades to but my goal with the CZ 75 is to just make small changes that make it a great gun to shoot. I have no plans to change out the trigger or put in any "performance" parts. I have been a fan of the CZ 75 ever since my uncle put it in my hand. Great weight, nice sized grip and overall a good feel (for me).
    But as money allows I will buy more mags until I look like a hoarder.

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