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    Quote Originally Posted by MRJT View Post
    Pure delay and power bullshit.
    Exactly this... Make it as frustrating as possible and fewer people would bother to apply. The neighbour thing was awkward as hell for me as I had just moved into the area a couple of weeks earlier. Luckily I immediately got on well with one guy, who happened to be a retired SAPS officer, so he understood.

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    Default Re: Competency application

    There appears to be no consistency between DFO's as I had the same experience where I had to bring my referees with.

    Luckily I work near home and dragged my manager and a colleague along. I also got my sister to write me a reference which I handed in.

    I agree that the neighbour request is bollocks. That said the rest of the process was smooth and straightforward.

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    Ja they don't care, I posed the same question about availability of people for interviews. DFO told me straight that that's my problem how I organise it. He needed at least two in person and would make a plan with the third.

    I was lucky that day, as the wife worked form home that day so I ordered (read asked her very nicely) her to the police station, and phoned to friends that I have known almost my entire life. They have flexible schedules and both went the following day.

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