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    Default Application Status Advice Needed

    Good day everyone. My father and I both applied for firearm licences two months ago at the same DFO, same time. We received the DFO sms on 17 April 2018 and thereafter no further updates. After trying in vein to get a status update from "cfrenquiry" for a few weeks, I eventually got a response a few days ago.

    Heres the catch, my fathers licence is in process but mine has apparently not been received by CFR yet. Stranger still, I went to the local DFO and on their system is shows that my application was indeed sent to Pretoria on 24 April 2018.

    After the CFR still not finding an application linked to my ID number either, they eventually gave me feedback that my application status is marked as "send to provincial DFO" and not "send to CFR"

    To top it all off, my local DFO is away on leave and there is nobody else who can log a query for me. Does anyone have a clue what any of this means and who I should believe? Is it possible that my application is floating around somewhere at the CFR?

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    Default Re: Application Status Advice Needed

    Welcome to the mess we call CFR.

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