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    Default Renewal of license: In process of selling

    Some interesting news. I sold my pistol beginning of March 2018 Date of handing in of the application form 7/3/2018
    My license expires 26 September 2018
    According to the buyer he did not receive any "news" as yet from the SAPS so I went to the SAPS office today to get some clarity if I should apply for the renewal 2 Questions were put to the official 1. If the other person's application was not approved and the 90 day period can not be met for example they inform him 10 days before the expiry date and 2. what will their position be if the application takes very long and past the expiry date Will they regard me as being in possession of a unlicensed fire arm?
    As in most cases they shifted the problem to their HQ Gave me a tel number and said I should ask the personnel why they are taking so long to finalize the application ( Phone just rings- no one answers)
    They agreed to process my renewal next week if I can not get answers from the HQ At least I will be covered by my renewal application in case some problems arise with the buyers application

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    Default Re: Renewal of license: In process of selling

    Would it not be safer to book the gun a s dealer stock just in case with all this gray areas cases with the court ruling?

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