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    Hey Guys

    I am waiting approval of my license, its at the CFR at least, from what I read even after that one can expect to wait a while for the card.

    Anyway I bought a Glock 26 and was looking for some advice on holsters and retention clips

    My current train of thought is to get an IWB kydex holster from danielholsters, I am unsure of which retention clip to get for it though, leaning towards the soft loop

    Any recomendations for other holsters and with regards to retention clips you prefer?

    Kind Regards

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Can't speak for Daniels Holsters personally but I've heard many good things about them as well as CKCS (Carter Custom Carry Solutions).

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    Hi there and welcome to the forum!

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    Hello & welcome,
    My G26 is in a Daniels IWB kydex holster with a FOMI clip, on a Daniels Cobra duty belt.
    The Daniels holster required some customising and modification before it was comfortable enough for me, but now it's close to perfect.
    Get hold of Geoff Carter. I believe he makes some good stuff too.

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    Guys you guys please steer me in the right directions with regards to the kind of clip I should consider for the holster?

    What are the pro's and cons of each type of Clip?

    Thank you in regards


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    Welcome Bugs,

    Ulti clip:

    The Ulticlip from hailstorm is an ultra concealable clip that clips onto your pants and sits behind the belt so that very little is visible.

    "C" Clip:

    Geoff carter does a "C" clip that wraps around the back of the belt and one only sees the top and bottom of the "C" in the front. These tend to be a bit thick although i think the design changed recently to make it thinner.

    "J" Clip:

    The "J" clip is the standard over the belt clip, great if you dont tuck your shirt in, but the most recognizable option other than those silly silver el paso clips if you do tuck your shirt in.

    Belt Loop:

    The belt loop is not as widely recognized as a plastic clip for firearm carry but as the black wears off the brass snap it becomes quite flashy, pants these days do have all sorts of goodies attached to them which makes this a good option.

    I have used all the clips out there and prefer the ulticlip for concealability but its not my favourite for firm retention because it tends to slip down with the pants if our pants are a touch to big, whereas the rest are on the belt and dont have that problem, still i prefer the clip best for my use.

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    Big ups Trayton

    Thanks for the useful info


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    Buy crap gun. Ask on FB afterwards if it would be a good choice = setting your house on fire as you can’t admit you phoned 911 by mistake.

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