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    @brick.wall I hear where you coming from. I would love to try hunting with a crossbow. Most people I spoke to couldn't provide me with helpful info or advice. I don't think there are very many people hunting with them.

    They say it's a novelty that will wear off. I say it's an experience...

    You will know the path by actually travelling on the path 😉

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    I once went to Bellville Archery club in CPT. They have 2 people running the club.
    One does Recurve and one compound.

    They said that people who buy Recurve will shoot archery way longer than a person buying a compound.
    As Recurve takes more skill and training and technique then a compound.

    Compound is far easier to master or shoot consistent. Thats why they say a Compound archer might do sport not even for a year and give it up.
    And this can be seen by the amount of them regularly for sale as well over Recurve target bows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shooty View Post
    Here you go.

    Are crossbows more powerful than compound bows?

    Compound Bows typically have draw weights less than one half of a crossbow. A 70 # compound bow is faster and has more energy than150# crossbow. ... Crossbows have a much higher draw weight (150# is average) to generate the speed and energy due to the much shorter power stroke (14” is average) of a crossbow.

    Yah nah if you compare old models perhaps. Newer crossbows, the compound stands no chance , with crossbow speeds closer to 400 and 420fps.... FAST compound would be around 360fps BUT keep in mind the advertised bow speeds are usually at 30” draw and a 350gr arrow. (Ibo spec). Most arrow setups are much heavier.
    secondly, put a decent crossbow in the average guys hands. Hitting a 6” plate at 100m is doable. Try the same with the average archer and a compound. I guarantee you the average guy will struggle.

    To answer the OP, I have hunted with a crossbow. Definitely easier than a compound, great if you can’t shoot a bow. Also great for older gents or kids from a hide. But walking with one can get tiring. I suggest decent broadheads to prevent failure.

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    How much do you all think the strings matter in bow hunting?

    For example, I see a lot of people who love these guys:

    But others say they are overpriced. Better recommendations for someone just starting out?

    Also, what's everyone's view on crossbows? I've heard people say that's "cheating," because a lot of people put red dots on them, or high-end sights, etc.

    This feels like a lot to learn. I have almost every rifle imaginable, which is a lot of information storage on the brain. Not sure if I should be flexing some new brain muscles or not!

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