I am aware of everything thats going on with the expired licences and so on, but would like to ask a few questions if I may:
I applied late for my renewal for a S13 firearm. The application was however accepted and processed by DFO. Couple of months later got an SMS with message something along the lines of:
"your application for licence renewal has not been issued"

Not declined, not rejected, but "has not been issued"
Strange choice of wording.
No futher communication, no official notice in writing with reasons or further instructions (thinking of S28 here).

Anyhow, my questions:
1. where in the FCA does it state how to dispose of said arm or where does it state that I forfeit the said firearm to the state. Does section 28 deal with this or is there another section I am missing?

2. Does this whole expired licencing debacle infer that once a firearm licence has been allowed to expire, it can no longer be owned or licenced by anyone else, ever again? In other words it has to be destroyed, end of story?

3.The the S13 licence has expired. If i decide to apply for a S15 licence for the same firearm, is this then still a renewal application or is it a new application altogether?

4. Strictly speaking, i do not have a licence for a S13 now.
Does this mean I can go ahead and purchase another firearm and apply for new S13 licence?

Any thoughts?