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    Default Sports adventure shooting Saturday 8 September 2018

    Sports adventure shooting Saturday 8 September 2018

    Can you believe it, we are in the downhill section of 2018. Days are getting long hotter and soon, wetter.

    Regular practice will take place this Saturday 8 September.

    Start 07:00 Sharp
    Finish Approx 15:00

    L1 and EDC as per packing list EDC (Pistol, Spare Mag + Knife)
    150-200 Rounds Rifle
    200 Rounds handgun.

    Specialist Gear: If you have a .22lr either bolt or Semi-auto plus 100 rounds of ammo, and, a spotting scope please bring it.

    All welcome

    (All regulars and members are encouraged to be there for some important news)

    Contact me if you have questions
    National Dyslexic Association: D.N.A.

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    Default Re: Sports adventure shooting Saturday 8 September 2018

    As usual we started with our Prayer and briefing: Turnout was small, however this enables each attendee to get more shooting done.

    Camo Drill.

    Fire 1 shot at a target 100m Humanoid target distant: Remove mag, clear chamber, dry fire in safe direction, then J Stand up, run back 100m, do 10 pushups, run, jog or wog (walk'njog) back to the firing line, load up your rifle, then engage the humanoid target.

    No filling in for a missed shot. (So it’s a 200m Jog/Wog for each shot) Heart and breathing rates are very elevated!

    Time Hits/5
    Pes Vis 9.13 4/5
    Grimes 7.53 5/5
    Camo 8.04 4/5
    Shotgun 6.27 5/5 *

    100/200/300m Shooting.

    2 hits required on the 100 & 200m Target. 1 hit required @ 300m
    10 Second Penalty for a miss
    Shooter to run in from about 10m; assume a shooting position and engage humanoid steel target at 100, 200 and 300m

    Round 1
    100m 200m 300m Time Final Score
    Pes Vis 2 1 hit/1 Miss 1 39 49
    Grimes 2 1 hit/1 Miss 1 55 65
    Camo 2 2 Miss 35 45*
    Shotgun 2 1 Hit/1 Miss Miss 38 Sec 58

    Round 2
    100m 200m 300m Time Final Score
    Pes Vis 2 1 Hit/1 Miss 1 33 43
    Grimes 2 2 Miss 35 45
    Camo 2 1 Hit/1 Miss Hit 26 36*
    Shotgun 2 1 Hit/1 Miss Miss 39 59

    Round 3
    100m 200m 300m Time Final Score
    Pes Vis 1 Hit/1 Miss 2 1 31 41
    Grimes 2 2 1 29 29
    Camo 2 2 1 25 25*
    Shotgun 2 1 Hit/1 Miss Miss 26 46

    Interestingly all of us dialled our scope power up to max which was 6x.

    Dice Drill.
    A complicated drill to explain; Think of the 5 dots on a dice. Such a square pattern is laid out on the range. Measuring 50mx50m, using traffic cones as dots. Shooting positions are thus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. (5 being in the centre)……hope you are getting this :-)

    3 targets (designated A, B and C) are 20, 30 and 50m from the front edge of the “Dice” square.

    The RO will then call out the shooting position as well as the target sequence to be engaged in. So the command may be Shooting Position 1, Alpha, Charlie Bravo OR 5! Bravo! Alpha! Charlie! Etc.

    A few notes:
    2 Hits required per target. No filling in. (So each shooting position requires 6 shots)
    All reloads had to be done with retention.
    If any malfunctions occurred they are to be dealt with from prone.
    10 second penalty for a miss or incorrect sequence.
    Moving to the rear required the shooter to keep an eye on the target (Not turn his back on the target)

    Time Penalty Miss Final Score
    Pes Vis 2.27 2 1 3.57
    Grimes 2.40 0 2 3.20
    Camo 2.29 1 2 2.59*
    Shotgun 2.28 2 3 3.18

    Time Penalty Miss Final Score
    Pes Vis 2.31 1 4 3.20
    Grimes 2.00 0 2 2.20*
    Camo 2.14 1 0 2.24
    Shotgun 3.17 0 1 3.27

    Note: Scores for the Dice Drill are interpreted from scrawling’s in a note book. Penalty and Miss may not be accurate, however final score is as recorded from aforesaid scrawling’s J . (If you want; I have a grubby stack of note book papers for verification, however they be used to light a small fire soon)

    The most interesting take from the Dice Drill.

    • Have an easily accessible Dump Pouch for retention of empty mags. This must be easily accessible from any position, standing, kneeling, prone, supine etc.
    • Be careful that the rig you are wearing does not interfere with you mounting the stock of your rifle into your shoulder, to many straps etc. will cause your stock to slip or you not able to get the right sight picture.
    • Shooting position: This is dependent on many factors including your physical condition, distance to the target and general skill level.
    • Prone is a great position to reduce your own target size, offers the most stable shooting position, however it requires the most time and physical effort to get into and out of. So if you are NOT out of breath and are physically relaxed, shooting from standing @ a target 100m distant is relatively easy. If you are sucking air, standing sucks for accuracy.
    • Most of us adopted standing or kneeling position closer to the targets. It was relatively easy to “swivel your arc” onto the target.
    • Swivelling to each target from a prone position requires you to swivel your legs to be able to swivel your hips and thus your upper body onto target. This has implications for a defensive and its opposite posture. (Example: go prone and then swivel yourself through 180 Deg. How much effort and time does it take?)

    We finished off with a variation of dot torture with handgun and then 100m with handgun. Note to self: when you get a 3 out of 3 hits n first try @ 100m: Stop shooting….. :-)

    We finished at about 12:30. Thanks to all who attended
    National Dyslexic Association: D.N.A.

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    Default Re: Sports adventure shooting Saturday 8 September 2018

    Thanks Camo! These were fun and interesting drills.

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