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    Hi guys.

    Some updated advice if possible?

    My Competency Card ( which had an expiry date long past) is lost. I need a reprint for work purposes. I was advised years back not to renew as the competency is linked to my firearm licenses so I never renewed. The DFO system says competent last time I peaked.

    How do I go about getting a reprint which I would assume would be an A4 page like the new competencies? Far from town so any advice would be great? Photos, training certificates and payment the standard norm or is it a big schlep?


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    Default Re: Competency Reprint


    When I needed a reprint , I walked into the dfo with my ID book and asked for a reprint.
    They gave me one there and then. No issues.

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    Thanks Jaco.

    I will give them a call today.

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