Listed here are some of the early articles that I enjoyed on the best cartridge in the whole universe The 10 mm Auto =)

# Birth of the Modern 10mm by Whit Collins, American handgunner Annual * 10mm special Issue.
# 1076: The FBI Service Pistol - why the Bureau chose the 10mm by Massad Ayoob.
#DELTA ELITE By Charles E. Petty ( " delightful surprise the Colt Engineers hit the mark with the DE")
# Torture Testing the Tens By Frank W. James - 10 000 rounds through a 10mm.
#Smith & Wesson 610 10mm Revolver By Frank W. James.
#The 10mm By John Taffin. 10mm Ancestry, The Begining, The First, The Rescue, FBI and CHiPs, Reloading.
#Who Needs The 10mm By Massad Ayoob

There are plenty more now on the net but these are enjoyable reads.