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After they print it. It gets couriered to your provincial office. Then your DFO still needs to go their to collect.

What you can do. Is get hold of your provincial office.
Ask them to check if they received it.
In which case your DFO must still go to collect.

My friends DFO goes almost 2 times every week to Provincial in Western Cape. But at least once.
My DFO if your lucky goes once a month as he never has time. Which means sometimes my card is ready at provincial. But I have to wait a month for him to collect.

Unfortunately he is on my list of people never to upset.
This is where i disagree with you, i had to complain 3 times - to even get my local DFO to do the minimum. He left on leave with my completed application left on his desk. Complain, complain, complain, keep calling untill they get it done. It is not up to the DFO to approve your license, they just need to do their JOB!