Hard anodised finish ( very nicely done - time will tell)
The controls are very nicely placed and easy to operate. Rear clicky and a paddle.
I can go from 40 to 2800 lumen with a touch and back to 40 in a split second. ( I can set it to be 40.550,1350 or 2800 as default very easily) or from any selected setting to turbo (2800) very easily.
From off to turbo in a split or my pre-selected number of lumens as I desire depending on situation.
I can select the strobe in variation I have not been able to in my other torches.
In fact the strobe function is awesome for a few reasons.

* it is at 2800 lumen
* it can be activated with you constant on
* and it is a random oscillation between flashing and occulting with random frequency from slow to fast in the range of 18 - 24 Hz. It is the best I have come across so far.

Single 18650 but unique with 2 terminals up front which needs a protective hood when charging.
The torch operates only with its proprietary battery for full range of functions. If needed ordinary 18650s may be used but the 2800 turbo will not function.

Came with the D2 digi charger which is really excellently made and very effective.
The torch comes with a very well made and finished holster ( far better than older Nitecore ones)

I would have preferred that it could stand on its tail but I will live with it.

I like the beam anatomy very much. The hotspot and the spill lack holes in its transition from centre outward. I like the fact that there are no doughnut.
The throw is under 300 m which for my purposes is more than enough.
The drop impact resistance is at 1,5 m so I better not drop it from my arm raised overhead which is 3m.
The body has two grooves that can be used with a lanyard very effectively or one can rig up grip aids with paracord. The is no holes to loop the lanyard but it is not a loss.
The knurling design is neat and smooth so it is possible to slip it into my pocket and retrieve without it snagging on the fabric but provides a nice good grip. It will not roll off the desk due to the anti roll design.
It designed so that you may use it in the cigar grip but lacks the bulk of the ring ( some may find it less secure but it works well for me)

I still have my 17 year old Surefire C2 with an upgrade to 1000 lumen and the C2 this TM03 has everything I wanted in my C2.

With the festival of lights around the corner I am ready to light up the neighbourhood. I am so happy with it.