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    Default Gong Shooting Competitions

    Good day

    Who here takes part in Gong Shooting competitions ?

    What's your setup and so forth ?

    I enjoy these type of competitions although I'm ill-equiped to be competitive

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    I have not competed in Gong contest yet. Still getting practice in.

    Our range only 500m. So also need to get some longer practice in.

    I use 100mm gong at 200m, 200mm at 300m.
    And at 400 and 500m I use what they called when i ordered IDPA medium plate. Which is A3 size.

    I have a Remington 308 VSSF which now has MDT HS3 chasis on. When shooting gongs. I only shoot off my Harris Bipod with Accushot mono pod in rear. Mono pod i leave loose and in left hand which I move to adjust height.

    I dont want to shoot as lot of people on out range of bench stand or sand bag. As thats to unrealistic. So personally I shoot gongs as described.

    I have currently a LX3 5-30x56 on which at our range 500m is super clear.

    Maybe when I get competing in it. i might change some stuff up.

    But I am getting there.
    Its a Hobby so no rush for me. lol

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    Default Re: Gong Shooting Competitions

    I started now. Its pretty addictive. As with all shooting sports most guys will help you out.

    What you need.

    Accurate load (1MOA should be g2g) - Repeatable
    Some DOPE or Strelok (Setup)

    What helps

    You can shoot.
    Scope with adjustable turrents - Dial your dope. You DONT need a 30x scope, i shoot mainly on 10-12x

    There is a very basic/easy shoot the 1st December at Fort Mistake (Max 320m), 5 ranges of 6 gongs.

    Email me kvanaarde(at) for some more info

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    Default Re: Gong Shooting Competitions

    Thanks or the replies. Yes it's a growing sport. I did one this weekend. Very similar to the Wildman Gong Challenge except two stages less and distances were known. Even with the distances known and beautiful weather compared to the 20th of October, it was still challenging. Guys with R50k+ Equipment still missing

    No Bi-pods or other form of support were allowed. Didn't bother me as I have none anyhow. My Lady-friend equaled her BP amd her 9 year old son did exceptional with a score of 23/30. The Juniors were allowed a X-Bag at all the stages. The shooting positions are really where everyone becomes "more" equal. Shooting from a rope, through a steel Farm gate, over a Hay bale and even a swinging wooden o

    Just a mention about my Lady friend's son. He shot with a Savage 223 with a 1:9 twist and 69 grn Bullets. I now see why the faster twistrate is a favourite in the 223. The cross winds had way less effect than one of my Team mates that shot a 55 grn bullet.

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    Default Re: Gong Shooting Competitions

    When you ready, checkout the PRS comps.

    Oh and the equipment is a bottomless pit.

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    Default Re: Gong Shooting Competitions

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