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With all the shit happening with licensing and the mission it is to go through the process I would advise you keep the shotgun.

5 shot revolvers are usually in the R1-2k price range and I picked up my S&W 36 (albeit a while back) for R1500. There are lots of 5 shot safe queens out there that you could get for a decent price

I would rather save up the cash, which in the firearms world with ammo prices etc is not actually that much, and keep the shotgun.

Even selling a few AK/pistol mags would pay for the purchase of the snubbie. You wont be shooting it that much so ammo cost wont be much and you just need a speed strip or two with a decent holster

While the snubbie is not the best choice for a decent SD gun, IMHO it makes a good backup gun when carrying normal SD
What he said!