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    Default How to motivate another .357mag revolver

    I am a member of NHSA for several years with dedicated sport shooter and dedicated hunter status.

    Amongst others I own the following revolvers:
    Ruger GP100 6" .357mag - sec 16 hunting
    Ruger GP100 4" - .357mag sec 16 sport
    Ruger Service Six .38spl - sec 16 sport
    Ruger Single Six .22 - sport

    Not too bad for someone without collector status. But here is the problem... how can I motivate a Ruger Blackhawk .357mag with 6,5" barrel. I have acquired a Weigand scope mount for my GP100 6" to fit a scope for hunting and range work at 50m. That is my primary hunting revolver. Was thinking the Blackhawk could be a secondary option for hunting at close range. What other reasons can I hammer in for suitable use for this firearm. It's not good enough in this country to just say because I want it.

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    Default Re: How to motivate another .357mag revolver

    I can think of:-

    Specify your actual hunting activities over the past 2 years (maybe longer if you can);

    Specify the game that you hunt and circumstances of handgun hunting;

    Specify the time and effort you put in to practice with revolver 1 and that puts a lot of strain on this primary hunting revolver. You have to practice and shoot a lot with this revolver to be accurate and effective. You need a secondary handgun in same caliber that will be reliable when you hunt.

    I’d say focus on you as the hunter and your unique circumstances, instead of elaborating on the quality of the caliber and specifications of the handgun itself. The latter doesn’t distinguish you from any other hunter, but your own unique circumstances do.

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    Default Re: How to motivate another .357mag revolver

    If you already have the dedicated status. Should not be issue. And with NHSA you have report of all your shoots youve done you print and submit with.

    I had 3 x 22lr pistols and 3 x 22lr rifles till beginning of this year with no issues.
    Sold 2 of the handguns as I did not shoot them enough.

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