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    Default BOOK: My Life by Stephanie Kemp

    -The making of an Afrikaner Revolutionary in the South African Liberation Struggle.-

    I recommend this book for the history and background to the making of the Afrikaner people.

    (I don't care much for the politics especially at my age)

    My interest in genetics strange as it sounds brought me here. I have an interest in South Asian soldiers and was amazed at the long history the Dutch have had with South Asia in changing the war tactics and training of local soldiers against the growing British influence.

    In this research I came across a Bengali lady that was originally with Jan van Riebeeck that later married a Farmer and had a large family. Her name was Engela (Dutch ) but from her original name Angela the Hindu derived name.

    I was pleasantly surprised that this story brought me to the book launch by Stephanie Kemp , whose fore father in the 1600s sold Engela to van Riebeeck.

    I don't particularly like the politics but the history in the book is a must read .
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