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To add to this: your capabilities are more important than the equipment on your rifle.

I shoot a 51-year old 308 rifle with a Weaver 4x magnification scope. Yet it happens often enough that I bring the meat home. The more I read the more I realise that an upgrade is probably due, but the fact is that this combination works.

Buy a scope which will fit your needs.
Sorry for the change in the subject but I agree with Messor and Ds J. I have a 35 yr old 4 X 36 Zeis on my 30 year old 30-06 and use it to shoot mostly bushveld conditions but have also shot some springbok and gemsbok in the Karoo and Vrystaat. I just limit my shots to distances that I can manage (not more than 200m) I know my rifle / scope combination and usually have a successful hunt. (I am not perfect an do mis and kwes sometimes)