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On this. Banks take your finger print when cashing a Cheq. Capitec you can in branch do anything with your finger print. Ive seen some recruitment companies also taking finger print to verify your record when they job hunt for you.

Yet the SAPS uses paper fingerprint. They are actually suppose to be the people on the forefront of fingerprint scanning.

key points being

PRIVATE SECTOR which is carrying this country



eg) your vehicle license disk, here in KZN its still in english and afrikaans, just with a new logo

How long has it taken for government to link the criminal data base to home affairs?

we can say what should be done until we are blue in the face, the fact remains we are dealing with uninnovative, non-interested and yes sometimes incompetent people in positions of authority

its the same reason you will be able to get your passport at your bank, because the private sector is efficient, and government couldnt really be bothered to upgrade when the private sector can carry them

same goes for private security essentially carrying the mandate of safety, "let them look after citizens and pay us taxes, that way we dont have to upgrade and equip saps or spend money, but we actually make money BILLIONS!"