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    Quote Originally Posted by shooty View Post
    Have you phoned 6111.

    As Ive never so far had that process status tol to me.
    Ive had. In Process. And In Consideration.

    In November last year I applied for a S16 Lever Action rifle. By end Febr still nothing.
    Asked Gosa to contact CFR. Not joking same day they contact CFR get sms its approved.
    My latest app was..
    - recieved at CFR
    - in Process
    - In consideration
    - final consideration
    - recommended for approval
    - approved

    step 4 and 5 is new to me. Now a sent to licensing department??

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    Default Re: 'Sent to licencing' Status

    Ok,so on the 5th I phoned CFR. I only got through around 1730. Operator confirmed that my app is still showing 'Sent to licencing' I asked what can I do and he said I should phone after 2000 and speak to his Supervisor. I did phone back after 2000 but no answer on the number the Operator gave me. Anyway, I followed up today again via DFO and the application now shows 'In consideration' and was updated the 6th. So I'm glad there is progress as I thought my application was MIA.

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