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    Question Gunsmith with experience on Star model F series 22lr pistols

    I was hoping to find any information on reputable gunsmiths that have experience with Star pistols, the model I have purchased is a model FM which I should hopefully be receiving very soon, the production run was in the 1970's. The Firearm appears to be in good condition regarding rifling and anything that you could check in 15minutes. Will need some bluing and a little tlc for some shallow nicks.

    Problem is, as many of you may know, Star is a defunct company and parts are not very easily available, so reproduction would generally be necessary. If anyone may have suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Johannesburg and Pretoria preferred.

    I am planning on taking it straight from the gun store to the gunsmith upon receipt for a once over and possibly measurements on spring compenents/buffer tube assembly. I can already feel my wallet shivering in fear

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    Default Re: Gunsmith with experience on Star model F series 22lr pistols

    When my Star BM broke an extractor 3 years ago, I took it to Akmal from Dave Sheer who sorted it. He would be my first call, see if he can assist,

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