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    Yesterday at around 16:00 a fire started on the reserve, due to a lightning strike. We killed it at 04:30 this morning. There are few things scarier than a veld fire at night, especially in mountainous terrain.

    Now to keep it from flaring up again.

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    My sympathy with your situation. People who have not had experience in fire fighting can not imagine how much effort, logistics, etc go into fire fighting. For a very long time while I worked on a game farm the farmers in the area formed sectors (according to the relevant Act) As soon as a fire broke out/ reported everybody went an helped putting the fire out This helped in most cases as there were many "hands" fire fighting equipment on the vehicles, etc. It was always dangerous work. The wives assisted with food, water, cool drinks and transporting new tires and extra water for the equipment As with most things team effort and the willingness to help where you can won the day

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    Scary stuff, hoping nothing flares up again.

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