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    Default Re: Binoculars for hunting

    Similar to a few others above I normally carry 8x25 binos in my left shirt pocket with strap over the neck when doing walk & stalk. If I need more magnification or a clearer view I look through the scope on my rifle.

    Scope on my most used rifle as well as the binos happen to both be Nikon. The binos were a freebie that came in a promotional package with a Nikon camera about 10 years ago and aren't exactly top of the range but are more than adequate for my purposes. My Monarch 3 scope definitely has better glass than than the binos.

    When working off a bakkie I like to use my much larger, heavier, older 7x50's (can't remember the make) because the view through them is better but I wouldn't want to carry them when on foot because of size & weight.

    These days my (lLeica 6x magnification) rangefinder often replaces the 8x25 binos in my shirt pocket and doubles as the primary optic.

    If I had unlimited money to throw at the problem I would replace both sets of binos & my rangefinder with a 8x bino with a built in rangefinder by a "better" manufacturer of European origin that are small enough to fit in my shirt pocket but I haven't bothered to research if such a product even exists because I know I won't be able to afford it..... ;-)

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    Default Re: Binoculars for hunting

    Go for roof-prism binoculars, with nitrogen fill for anti-fog.
    Get the best quality you can afford as price is definitely an indication of quality.
    As for magnification, this depends on intended use:
    10X is good for distance but if you shake, it can be counter productive.
    8X is a great compromise.
    X25 is poor in low-light, but light-weight.
    X30 is reasonable.
    X40 and more is better, but gets heavy.

    Good luck.

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