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In my opinion taking SAPS to court generally is a very frustrating and costly affair, which seems to be a temporary measure at best given their seemingly endless budget to finance their myriad of frivolous defences and appeals. Do not underestimate the depths at which they will sink to in achieving their goal and wasting taxpayer funds.

Until such time as the budget taps are closed for the SAPS decision makers to fund litigation which have no merit and they are personally being held accountable for footing the bill, it will be a financially, emotionally and time draining process.

I also think it is time to really start putting on the pressure from an SAPS finance perspective, perhaps through the treasury. The more pressure they feel from it, the more likely they are to care about the impact of private litigation. If only we had a contact to give us an audience at treasury.
We should be referring issues to the auditor - general all the time.