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I work in the fibre internet industry, in quite a senior technical position. Not for one of those mentioned In this post as my ethics would not allow for that.

What I will say it depends very much who is laying the fibre down.
The ISP does play some part in how much they throttle the lines, often caused by very small margins of profit left in it by fibre providers.
In my opinion the throttling is getting less due to deacrease in price of actual internet traffic and more openness of providers to connect to each other. The ISPs however are becoming more competitive as it is very hard to stand out in such a crowded market.

My advice would be stay away from the voip and just learn to use your cell phone.
If you do want VoIP specially for business purposes I believe Vox has a good offer on this bundled with there internet packages.

What you want is good customer service, which seems to be harder and harder to come by.
IMO Good fibre ISPs are CoolIdeas, CellC, Or a few smaller guys dependent on area and fibre provider. If you give better info on the area and fibre provider this will help.

I personally have a 100Mbps line over Vumatel, through the ISP I work for and am very happy with Vumatels fibre so far.
There are still certain fibre providers you need to be very careful with.
Cannot agree with that more. Cool ideas are amazing.
Long story short.
I've been a very happy and loyal Afrihost customer till last year. They screwed the pooch badly for me, I moved to Cool ideas and had fibre up and runnig in under 24 hours (to be fair, the line was already inplace, but decativated and I had my own equipment). This was after 8 (i think) weeks of AH being unable to do it.

And they have no FUP or throttling.