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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven001 View Post
    Only a pleasure to give advise friend.
    Getting a section 15 license advise: Join a shooting club, get conformation of paid up membership, get a letter from them stating which types of shooting sport they do, and type a letter to the CFR stating that you wish to take part in the sport as listed on the club letter, get all the documents needed by your particular DFO (they usually differ quite a lot from town to town) and then apply.
    It use to be much easier to get a section 15 license than a section 13 but who knows with the consistency of our dear CFR. Good luck with the long wait (im also waiting for a new license at the moment so ill be sharing your pain) Peace.

    My long wait has only just begun and its already excruciatingly painful! I calculated +-6months based on other peoples stories on this forum
    Again thanks so much for sharing, I'll do as you advised. Really appreciate all the friendly and helpful people like yourself around here!

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    Hi. Welcome

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    Hi Realg. I've received this SMS on 27/11/2018: Your Competency Certificate is receiving attention at the DFO So still a very long wait until I have my CZ Shadow in my hand. What area are you in ? Do you belong to any clubs. ? I used Roodepoort SAPS in Gauteng.Still in two minds about which one as I was advised to get it on Self Defense as I'm a first time owner and don't belong to a club I really want to do it as Occasional Sport because then one day I can get the "Sexy" Beretta 92A1 on Self defense.

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    Glad to hear you've at least put in your application for your competency Branden88, I need to do that as soon as I get my prof certificate, which will hopefully be this week as I did the test last week Friday.

    I'm in the Midrand area, and no I haven't joined any clubs yet but based on Steven001's knowledgable advice I'll need to join one as part of my application for a Section 15. I think you should also try and go for a Sports license for your Shadow, and then put that Baretta on self defence as our good friend Steven001 suggested. Seems like the way to go

    Also, did some googling on potential clubs one could join and I think Dave Sheer has one, so looking into that. I'm pretty sure there are plenty other clubs out there, so please don't be shy with any suggestions.

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