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    Default appeal for license refusal

    Having a dumb question, just had a firearm license refused for a slr, what are the steps to lodge an appeal and how much time does one have to do it.

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    Default Re: appeal for license refusal

    Within the same thread: if I use a lawyer or association to do the appeal. Any recommendations.

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    Default Re: appeal for license refusal

    Get the refusal letter from the DFO. On there it states you have 90 days from date of notice to submit an appeal.

    Should you choose to use a lawyer, the ones that are prominent are the Gosa legal team or Martin Hood.

    Edit: steps would be to download and complete the E530 notice of appeal and include a letter stating your grounds for appeal. Courier or email to the appeals board and wait.
    You should get an SMS confirming when the appeal is recieved.
    Then wait some more till they have an outcome.

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    Default Re: appeal for license refusal

    You have to have reason first to appeal.

    Also Gosa seems to be the way to go.

    Appears CFR is in for SLR's and then also this new 350 issue where they drag their feet to put firearms on dealer stock. And having new owners wait months before they can apply.

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