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    I saw that Volquartsen has spares for the Ruger. Maybe check with them for your Browning?
    Will do thanks.

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    Default Re: Replacing springs on rimfire piatols?

    Hi Ds J. I have had my S&W Mod 41 for 20 Years after buying it second-hand from a person who was avid target shooter. I have never had to replace springs. However I Have noted keeping it clean is paramount. .22 bullet lube can really gun up a semi-auto!!! When cleaning I found giving attention to the chamber really pays dividends.

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    Default Re: Replacing springs on rimfire piatols?

    A lot a people never think their 9mm handguns need new springs. Like worn shocks on a car it happens over time and we get used to it. The fact that a gun continues to shoot doesn't mean that it is still optimal. 22 pistols are blowback operated and dependant on the recoil spring and or if hammer fired the hammer spring to delay the slide from opening. As these weaken over time the slide opens that bit quicker and more debris and noticable blowback is the result. Yes it takes a while but make no mistake use the gun enough and the eventual spitting becomes damm unpleasant.

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