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Agree with this^. While you are at it, please consider mixing your own spices. It makes for delicious and healthier eating. Recipes and recipe books are available.

(Side note: I am health conscious and therefore particular as to what I eat.) "Ouma & Oupa wors spice" from company xyz or "Klippan wors mix" from company abc - basically all the favourite mixes from the known catering companies do not bring out the particular flavour of the meat. It gives a specific taste to anything one mixes it with. I have long said that I would like to throw a packet of xyz spice at a piece of donkey loin. It would probably taste exactly the same as that same spice thrown at the best available A-grade rump steak. so what is the use of mixing it with your hard earned venison? Rant over

considering they found donkey, water buffalo, kangaroo, goat etc in some major chain stores wors, my old man always said stay away from the "ouma" or "farm famous" brands haha