Last week my daughter and 9 month grandson were visiting from the Western United States. My daughter is familiar with her hunting rifle, hunting shotgun and pistol, and has shot them enough to be competent, however she is married to a good man who grew up in a "no guns allowed" household. They presently do not maintain a firearm in their apartment/flat. When he visits I always take him shooting! Anyway, I put this drill together for my daughter as a review.

I would bring her a different gun each time, place it on the table and leave and return about 3 minutes later. When I returned she had to identify the caliber, action type, load with dummy rounds and then dry fire the rifle, pistol or shotgun. One time would be her Marlin Lever action hunting rifle, another time would be a semi-automatic defensive pistol, another time an AR-15, then a revolver. You get the idea.

This proved to be a good review/drill for her, in addition, to familiarizing her with a wide variety of actions in the event she has to borrow a friend's, or relative's firearm.