Protea Field Target Development Day
The FT Proteas will host a development day on 11 May 2019 at 09;00. See map below for venue. Entry is FREE.
Everyone is welcome and this is not just for Saftaa members, so if you are a beginner or moderate shooter and want to learn from the best, this is your opportunity. Even experienced shooters may pick up a tip or two.

The day will consist of various Proteas explaining different aspect of shooting field target.
This will include, setting up your rifle and scope, ranging tips, reading the wind and more.
There is a 50 target course that can be shot afterwards and the Proteas will couch and help you where they can.
Bring something to drink for afterwards and if you like a tjop to braai.

All previous Proteas are welcome to join us and share your knowledge, even if you just want to shoot the course for practice.

Hope to see a lot of you there.!4d28.2825805