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    Default Re: CZ SP-01 Shadow upgrades

    I fitted it first when I had the Shadow. Then when I got P01 in it also. Shadow was sold about 3 months after getting P01. But P01 has Cajun Pro Kit in. So it shoot incredible.

    The DPM comes with 2 springs for heavy loads and softer loads. Also the way its designed with its 3 spring system. Is the further the slide goes back the more it dampens if this is correct word. So as slide moves backwards first part is less stiff then gets stiffer and more as the 3 springs system starts working. So it also protects the frame from the Slide slamming into it. Most people add buffers for this. But the DPM covers this part/function.

    I dont shoot IDPA or IPSC only our standard club shoot. Where these parts are allowed.
    If I shoot on range paper targets and take Daughter with. I load very soft/mild loads. And it never fails to feed with the DPM in. So it can handle soft loads.

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    Default Re: CZ SP-01 Shadow upgrades

    Okay, let's step back a bit:

    The first step is usually to make the trigger a bit lighter. The main change here is the hammer spring. If you choose conservatively you won't sacrifice reliability, but if you want to go very light you need to change other components (firing pin spring and/or firing pin) to maintain reliability.

    The SP-01 Shadow trigger has a very long pre-travel. A pre B disconnector will significantly shorten it without sacrificing your double action capability. A single action trigger will sacrifice your double action capability, but will add some adjustability.

    Some Shadows come with very crisp triggers out of the box, and others show significant creep. A competition hammer will eliminate this.

    Competition loads are usually lighter than self defense loads, so we can get away with lighter recoil springs to reduce recoil. If you go very light you might want to add a buffer. A DPM system adds some complexity and costs, but it takes most of the guessing out of your recoil setup and tends to work across a range of loads.

    Which of these you choose will depend mostly on your budget and your preference. For the use that you described I would lean towards trigger improvements first, recoil second. But that's me.

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