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    Take training certificates, letters from 3/4 friends/family. with 2 certified copies of your ID, proof of address to your local DFO. You should be able to renew your competency - not this.

    I am not sure if your DFO will accept the training certificate that expired in 2016 but the training certificates dont generally expire. IF the DFO doesnt accept the paperwork you will then only need to redo module 117705 (LAW) and then apply for competency
    This...technically your Comp didn't expire, because (technically) it has never applied to a licence which was issued. Buy a gun, and licence it, and then your comp 'kicks in', so to speak. You might get resistance from your DFO because of the date that the comp was issued, but I can't see why they'd refuse. (And definitely do not re-do your proficiency!)

    FYI: your unit standards are the correct current unit standards, so Training provider B is lying to you.

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    Default Re: From pillar to post with uncertainty

    Training Provider B wants you to provide them with another R1500 or whatever they will charge you for the comp training and testing...

    No license has been issued against the comp that you have, and so the reasonable expectation is 10 years, since that IS the longest a comp is valid without renewal. Your comp is valid, because the modules you did and passed are the applicable ones.

    Go to a gun shop, put a deposit down on the gun you want, and start your license application. The comp will then be valid from date of issue of your license - another 5 years for S13, and 10 years for S15

    The law states that the comp is valid as long as the last license that was issued against that comp.

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