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    Quote Originally Posted by akading View Post
    @Toxxyc, would you mind sharing some of the menu's you have planned. would love to look at them.
    "Menu" is such a strong word... Usually it's whatever we can make on the braai or in a pan on the fire. When I go hunting I prefer making everything over the coals. It's usually all kinds of braaied meats in different "eating" configurations. Steak is always a must. I rarely go hunting without at least one meal being steaks. I like to think I have a knack for braaing a great rib-eye. Anyway. Other meals will be worsrolls, another will be something "different" like skilpadjies with mince in a pan. Pap and sous is a common side-dish, and veggie packs in the fire is a daily think.

    It gets really easy because I don't do breakfast at the hunt. It's usually just coffee and rusks when I get up, which is great as it wakes me up and warms me up. At around 10:30 I try to be back at the camp to get started on brunch.

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    Default Re: Hunting Weekend recipe Ideas

    I hunt with Pdh and thus I don't worry about planning, buying or making food. His dad and him are masters in the catering side of the hunt.For dinners , braai first night( steak and wors with a wicked salad) then for the following nights - pasta,potjie( lamb knuckle) and a braai ( rib lamb chops,wors & roasted vegetables) to finish. Breakfasts are scrambled eggs,toast and left over wors. Lunches if we are back at camp are left overs from the dinners. Snacks and drinks are always loaded on the bakkie in case we don't leave the veldt.

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    The group I am privileged to hunt with, consist of Greeks, Portuguese, an Italian and Boertjies.
    The group then consist of small subgroups for example: 3 Portuguese, 4 Greeks, 3 Boertjies.
    Each subgroup is allocated a certain day, and on that day the subgroup is responsible for dinner.
    Any ingredients not to be found in the basic pantry they must provide.

    One night we would have Portuguese Peri Peri chicken drumsticks.

    Another night there would be Greek Beef souvla on the coals.

    I will provide this Boertjie's recipe for his camp dish.

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    Game fillets and potato chips:
    Bring to the boil a big 3 legged pot with about 4 litres of cooking oil.
    Deep fry potato chips in the oil. (Potatoes not peeled, just washed and cut into chips, skin and all.)

    Cut across the grain the fillets of Eland, gemsbuck or kudu, or if only smaller antelope available, use the backstraps cut across the grain.
    Marinate the meat for 2 hours in Worcester sauce and Safari Crown biltong spices.
    Fast fry on a hot mild steel plate with a bit of cooking oil.

    Serve with the chips and tomato sauce/ mayonaise/ whatever you wish.
    Time the above processes so that the chips and meat are done at about the same time.

    With this recipe, I sacrifice at most one afternoon's hunting time.

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