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    A hunting simulator can only help hunters I think. Practising on the range from field positions is vital and to be able to simulate a "hunting" experience i.e. settling the cross hairs on an animal "target" that is moving / acting as closely as the real thing would be massively beneficial.

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    The next challenge I am facing here is to simulate the characteristics of an animal. This is where the AI part will come in. head shaking, moving off, eating etc.
    After this we will have to figure a means of how to make the animal react after being shot. Take BWB for instance, a perfect heart shot will still have the animal take off at full speed, and therefore difficult to represent in a simulator. this will take some careful thinking.
    present POI
    run like hell
    or something along these lines.
    open for ideas here
    This will definitely become an interesting challenge yet.

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