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    Quote Originally Posted by 47 View Post
    My first thought was that I was short stroking, because this never happened before, but every time the shot fired as soon as I adjusted the position of my trigger finger.

    In my non expert opinion, two possible causes:

    1. Since I have been mostly a pistol shooter (Glock), perhaps I did not position my trigger finger correctly; or (and this is something I still have to verify myself
    What about failure to release trigger enough for reset?

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    Default Re: Winchester Defender 1300

    Perhaps, will look into that as well, although travel needed to reset on this trigger really not that much.

    Each time with the FTF I had to move my trigger finger further / deeper onto the trigger which solved it. That's why I suspected perhaps either position was not correct to begin with, or pistol grip has stuffed the angle so much that I could not apply adequate leverage. Because if you look at an AR's trigger for example, and of course an AR was designed with a pistol grip, the trigger is positioned much further forward in the trigger guard than the 1300.

    Will let you know how it goes when I have fitted the original stock again.
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    Default Re: Winchester Defender 1300

    Quote Originally Posted by simonsmal View Post
    Hi Guys

    Anyone add any mods to their Winchester Defenders, sights etc

    Drop a pic and where you had it done/ got the parts etc

    Looking to upgrade my 1300 a bit as it is stock standard at the moment
    Fitted TruGlo front sights on mine, got it from Guntactics for a steal and thats that , works like a charm

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