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    Default Howa 6.5 Creedmoor magazine capacity

    Some time back I was looking through the specs for the various Howas in short action (308-length action) and noticed that in "standard" format the 6.5CM has a magazine capacity of 4+1 whereas the 308, 243, and in fact everything else except the magnums have listed mag capacities of 5+1. I assumed this was because the CM is a fatter cartridge but when I look at the SAAMI dimensions of 308 vs 6.5CM the diameters of the rims are identical at 12.01mm, the base of the case just in front of the rim is 11.96mm on the 308 vs 11.95 on the CM and the diameter just behind the shoulder is 11.53mm on the 308 vs 11.74 on the CM. These differences hardly seem enough to reduce the mag capacity by 1 round, so can anyone explain why the difference? Does the CM perhaps uses a marginally narrower magazine box because the round doesn't feed as well as cartridges in other calibres or is there a stop in the magazine for some reason?

    Taking it a step further I see that the .223 built on the same short action action is also listed as having capacity of 5+1 and we all know that there is a vast size difference between a 308 and a 223 case so surely a lot more 223 cartridges would fit in the same magazine box? What does the 223 magazine box look like for a short action? I'm guessing it's shorter than the 308, but is it narrower too? Anybody out there with one of each that can compare?

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    Default Re: Howa 6.5 Creedmoor magazine capacity

    I actually have a 223 and a 308 Howa mag box.
    Will take some pics and measurements for you when I get a chance. But you're, right I also had the same thought, why have a 5 rnd 223 mag when 7 could possibly fit

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