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    Default GSP pups to a good home:

    Patrys has become the proud mother of 11 GSP pups.
    She is half GSP/Half boerboel but with all the attitude of a GSP (always on the run, very interested in birds.)
    The father of the pups is 100% GSP.
    They were born on the 12th July 2019, so would be ready to be weaned on 12 September.

    I would prefer them to go to owners who would use them as bird dogs, or trackers, and not just as pets.
    GSPs demand a lot of attention, and are full of energy, but they give back so much.

    We stay in Ellisras, so fetching your puppy may be a bit of a mission.

    Gunsiters wanting to use the oppurtunity of a FREE puppy, contact me on this thread or PM.

    Regards Willie Barnard

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    Default Re: GSP pups to a good home:

    have you got pics of them

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    Default Re: GSP pups to a good home:

    WOW what a great gesture, I would love the opportunity, but knowing my current work load and circumstances I know I will not be using and exercising the dog enough.

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    Default Re: GSP pups to a good home:

    Plenty pics of Mother, father and pups on my phone.
    No idea how to post it on Gunsite.
    Phone me at oh-ate-three 292 five four one nine.

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    Default Re: GSP pups to a good home:

    This is a most generous offer. I just wish I was still on the farm then would have asked for a pup. Sadly because of health reasons I now have to live in a city.

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