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What is this?

Andrew, here is the peri peri sauce recipe I use which is superb! https://simply-delicious-food.com/ho...ri-peri-sauce/

And then the livers part https://simply-delicious-food.com/pe...hicken-livers/

i have also used this Robertsons recipe and its good https://www.robertsons.co.za/recipes...hicken-livers/.

Lastly I have also used the Nandos sauces which I like - cheat recipe:

  • Wash and livers (500g tub)
  • I salt them and let them sit for roughly 20 minutes
  • Then brown livers quickly with minimal stirring so they don't crumble but still pink inside
  • Fry half a chopped onion (this is to taste, sometimes a whole onion) in butter until translucent
  • add 3 cloves of chopped / crushed garlic and fry for a minute
  • add 125 ml Nandos per peri sauce (medium usually but depending on your taste) and simmer for a minute
  • drop heat right down and add 1/2 cup cream slowly so it doesn't curdle. Simmer sauce on low until thickened - a little water can be used to thin if to thick
  • add livers back into sauce to heat through
  • remove from heat, stir in a little butter and garnish with parsley
  • serve with sourdough bread / pap etc
Search Suicide Powder here on the forum.

Trundle here on GS makes a small amount of his nuclear chili powder available every year. This year I was lucky enough to get some. It is very nice but you need to be very careful with it. I use half a teaspoon of the suicide salt that has a ratio of 1 part chilly powder to 7 parts salt and it tastes amazing.

My wife has taken to storing it in my reloading room to avoid any possibility of any landing in her food.

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