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    Default Brocock Compatto and Pellet choice questions.

    Hi airgunners,

    I've got an unregulated Compatto in .177. I haven't been shooting it much yet, and have only had the chance to shoot a couple hundred shots of JSB 10.34 to zero the rifle, establish shot count and basic speeds.

    First question for anyone who knows the compatto: My rifle has 4 power settings (not three as advertised in any review I've seen). Is this normal? For interest they are as follows (in order of position top to bottom:
    - 18ft/lbs (886fps)
    - 19ft/lbs (911fps)
    - 17.5ft/lbs (872fps)
    - 14.5ft/lbs (801fps.

    My shooting is mostly vermin and plinking, from 25 - 50m, so flat is what i am looking for. With the 10.34gr JSBs, I get nice tight groups at 25m @14.5ft/lbs, but with a bad BC, they fall off a lot at 50m. The lighter 8.44s will be even worse. Pushing them to full power thought starts them out too close to 900fps, which the consensus seems to be is too fast to be stable...

    So I am wondering if anyone has had luck with a heavy, better BC pellet (such as 10.4gr H&N Baracuda Power) doing roughly 870fps? This would be at about 17.5ft/lbs in my rifle.

    Keen to hear you thoughts on power / pellet choice.

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    Default Re: Brocock Compatto and Pellet choice questions.

    You might get better answers on forum.

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    Default Re: Brocock Compatto and Pellet choice questions.

    I dont have a PCP but I have a Diana 350 magnum that I clocked at about 23FPE. I use the 13. 43gr JSB monsters because the 10.4gr heavys do not group as they are on the super sonic boundary. Maybe try the monsters and see what happens?

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    Default Re: Brocock Compatto and Pellet choice questions.

    Personally I don't care for the consensus. There are enough airgunners shooting at +-900ft/s with great results that show that 800ft/s is not the magic number that most claim it is. Best is to test and see which speed works best for your rifle.

    You won't get much better BC than the JSB's in the same weight class. Rather go the next weight up with the JSB Monsters or similar as suggested by Marius.

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    Default Re: Brocock Compatto and Pellet choice questions.

    My Hw100 5.5 shoots 18gr JSB and H&N's at +-860fps. Boringly accurate.
    So cant help with .177

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