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    Default Will I be able to sell my firearm?

    Wonder if someone will be able to assist. I have a 38 special snub that was re-licensed in 2015. Did confirm the license was approved but never received my white license card. Re-applied for a re-print. Months later still no card. Was back as station and once again they told me request a reprint. Still no card, so gave up.

    Last week received a SMS from SAPS informing me that my license will expire on 2020/01/12.

    I do not want to renew (or hand it in at SAPS) and was wondering if I would be able to sell the gun or hand in at gun shop to sell even though I do not have the license card. In the digital world the gun is licensed in my name.

    What now?


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    Default Re: Will I be able to sell my firearm?

    Get a confirmation letter from your DFO that the firearm is licensed to your name. It should do. A friend got one from their DFO upon reapplying for a lost card.

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    Default Re: Will I be able to sell my firearm?

    Thanks, will get one.


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