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    The US Army testing seemed to show more wear from longer heavier bullets than shorter and lighter if I recall correctly. Seems friction did play a role and not just powder blasting.

    and incorrect I am pretty certain. Stop think about it - we talk again.
    They also found that the lead in primers helped lubricate the bore and hence lead free primers increased wear.Some very interesting papers out there. The trick is finding them again.

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    Default Re: Acceptable price?

    I've been gifted a BRNO 223 with a scope and suppressor. Why? Because my BIL was given such an abysmal trade in price (in his opinion) he practically gave it to me. I had to convince him to take something in return. Sorry it's not what you want to hear.

    223 has become a limited hunting calibre as more farmers insist on a larger calibre (varminting excluded). Couple that to an older and used rifle and the market is just not there. For me it's a going to be a range toy and something my kids can transition to before moving to the 308.

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