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    Default Re: Which scope reticle for hunting?

    For me, a fine reticle.

    We shoot more at the range, so the finer reticle for me is better there. On Leupold scopes the normal duplex reticle cover 25mm of target while the fine covers 16mm of target.
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    Default Re: Which scope reticle for hunting?

    I like Leupolds LR reticle. Clutter free. You have to test your individual load to see the drop though. It seems to be discontinued.

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    Default Re: Which scope reticle for hunting?

    My scopes are never set at a specific magnification, they are set to what is needed on the specific day and moment. So if it’s not FFP, this just causes a LOT of trouble for the average person, since the holdover marks are different at each magnification. Most regular hunting scopes are not FFP, so most holdover marks are useless for the average Joe, it will just confuse him and cause misses or wounded animals.

    The average Joe needs to point and shoot, point and shoot for the heart lung area is really not that hard up to 250m. Firstly people zero their rifles too low, a rifle must not be zeroed at 100m, it must be zeroed at 200m. Secondly for the average plains cartridge you can then aim for the center of the chest up to 250m.

    Thick crosshairs also does not bother during hunting when taking torso shots, when shooting targets it gets in the way, but for any normal person shooting at an animal target, when aiming at the center of the chest that makes absolutely no difference.

    This debate is like someone asking questions the morning of an exam, meaning he did not do his homework. If you practice regularly on animal targets up to 300m then you will know exactly where to aim, with any scope. I also have one scope that is cluttered and still it makes no difference, I put the cross where I want the bullet to go.

    I know it’s 2019 and we are very technologically marvellous, but hunting haven’t changed one bit, just practice, and then point and shoot.
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