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    Default Re: Francolin and Guinea Recipes

    Guineas can actually be really GOOD. Skin and throw away the skin. Joint the bird and simmer it, covered, in chicken stock and a sliced onion for a while - a little white wine is nice. The meat loses that ghastly purple colour and once white treat as chicken. I've done a couple of awesome potjies too - again skin and throw away, then just do a nice slow potjie.

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    Default Re: Francolin and Guinea Recipes

    Here's what I use. Works for guineas & francolin:

    Recipe 1:

    Guineafowl in wine and Marsala Sauce

    (Adapted from a recipe by Wickedfood Cooking School


    • 3 guineafowl, cut into portions
    • Flour, seasoned with salt & pepper to taste. Recently I have been adding a bit of smoked paprika too - my new wonder spice for everything
    • Butter
    • 2 onions, peeled & chopped or sliced
    • 1/2 cup Marsala wine , or substitute with Port, Sherry, Muscadel or similar
    • Approx 500ml red or white wine (I normally use Pick ‘n Pay Late Harvest that comes in a 500ml carton)
    • 1 cube chicken stock dissolved in 1 cup hot water
    • 2 heaped teaspoons crushed garlic
    • Teaspoon mixed herbs
    • Bay leaf
    • 1 punnet mushrooms, sliced if large, left whole if small (I normally use the 400g punnet of “mixed mushroom pieces” ie offcuts from Denny or Woolworths)


    1. Dip guineafowl portions seasoned flour. Heat butter in cast iron pot and brown a few pieces at a time of guineafowl over LOW heat (low heat seems to make it much more tender than smokin' hot).
    2. Remove guineafowl then add onions to pot with more butter if necessary and cook until glazed.
    3. Add wine, chicken stock, Marsala, garlic, bay leaf and mixed herbs. Bring to the boil, turn down heat and simmer for 15 minutes.
    4. Put guineafowl back into mixture in cast iron pot. Place in oven at 125°C with cover on for 2 - 3 hours.
    5. Fry the mushrooms with butter in a separate pan for 5 minutes then add to pot. Cook for another hour
    6. Remove from oven and place pot back on stove over medium heat to boil off liquid if necessary.
    7. Serve with parsley potatoes and vegetables in season. Also works fine with rice or pasta. Garnish with parsley or rosemary. My wife likes serving it with Creme Fraisch (which is a cultured/soured cream available from Woollies and probably other places too)

    Serves 6

    Recipe 2:

    Sometimes I cut out the breasts, flavour them with salt & pepper & fry in a bit of butter. Brilliant lunchtime meal with salad. It helps a lot if you get breasts that don't have pellets in them. Guineafowl salad is WAY better than chicken salad in my opinion.

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