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    Default Rhodesian Ridgeback pups

    I have a few RR pups left that are for sale to selected homes.

    They decend from a line of documented thoroughbred RR's, but will not come with any documentation, except the Vet's de-worming and innoculation certificate.

    The mother (my bitch) is gentle, very obedient and an excellent tracker. I have high expectations of the pups.

    These dogs are very active, so you can not expect them to sit all day in a small yard and be happy. They have to be trained and exercised regularly. They are gentle with kids, very loyal and very protective of their family.

    Please PM if you are interested.

    Pics of the pups and parents can be sent.

    I'm in Limpopo. Proper transport can be arranged for your cost if required.

    If I come across as a little posessive, well, I love my dogs. Almost as much as my kids and my guns. I expect the same from their new families.

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    Default Re: Rhodesian Ridgeback pups

    Hi AR,
    I have two ridgebacks as well. They are part of the family and very protective of their "pack". They both have Shona names, Shumba and Tanaka.

    I hope you find good homes for your pups.


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