From R256.81

Have you ever needed to get someone’s attention and they were too far away or too stupid to heed your warning?
Have you ever needed to create confusion for your opponent so that you have the advantage?
Have you ever needed to stop your kids acting like brats?
Have you ever needed to motivate your couch dwelling husband?
The Sirenco Blaster is what you need!

40 ml from R256.81
100 ml from R293.49
135 ml from R361.86
300 ml from R478.58

The Sirenco Blasters emits a 127db (in 300ml and 135ml cans) or 115db (in 100ml and 40ml cans) high intensity sound which can be heard over very long distances.

The blaster is exceptional in emergency situations (except potential avalanches) and should be in every home, factory or school.

Note: It would be silly to use this device near people or pets as the sound can be harmful at near distances. Also don’t give anyone a heart attack with the thing. Also, read the warning lable.

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