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    Default Anyone here using a Paradox MG5050 alarm ?

    Hi guys,

    Anyone here using a Paradox MG5050 alarm ? How is it ?

    Which remotes are you using (REM2 seems quite popular) and what is the range like when arming/disarming ?
    Does the signal pass through brick walls fairly easily ?

    Is it better to go with a 433MHz setup for better range but I heard its more susceptible to jamming (even with a gate remote ?) Or go with a 868Mhz setup with less range but that is harder to jam ?

    Anyone using the REM101 panic button and what is the range like ?

    Any tips for the best placement of wireless passives like the PMD2 ? Avoid pointing to windows due to the heat ?

    Appreciate all the advice, don't want to make an expensive mistake. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Anyone here using a Paradox MG5050 alarm ?

    We have it at our house.

    I installed it myself. Range is decent, but we also have the 434 MHz version. You are correct that it might be more susceptible to jamming, but we haven't had significant issues. Every now and then the remote (REM2) struggles a bit, but it might also be due to the range. Our garage is about 25-30m from where the panel is installed, with many layers of brick between them.

    I have PMD2's all over the house, with no issues. I also have a couple of PMD85 outdoor sensors, with the furthest one also being around 25-30m from the panel.
    I had to reduce the sensitivity on the outdoor sensors as direct sunlight or the sun reflected from our pool used to trigger it.

    There is a range extender available, and I might invest in one shortly.

    The IP module that connects to your home network is finicky to set up, and you need to pay Paradox to use the service (IE control the alarm via app). It was R550 for 3 years at the time I subscribed.

    If you are going to install it yourself, get the USB cable. The software (Babyware) is free. It is much easier doing the setup using the software, compared to using the keypad.

    I have also heard good things about IDS. Functionality wise, it is a toss-up between them.

    I hope this helps.

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