I have hunted poland a couple of times now. Once was an organised driven hunt with about 20 hunters. Lets just say i understand now why they wear the orange, with that many hunters in a small area and shooting running animals it does not quite live up to the FA safety my dad beat into me. The whole experience was wonderful though satrting early morning with ritualistic hunting prayers and the blow of a horn then being moved from area to area by slay. Lunch was organised around a banquet type table in the middle of the forest by the woman felt like a asterix cartoon. I did freeze my ass of as we were about knee deep in snow the whole time.
Hunting was for boar, roe deer and red deer. Once the hunters are in place surrounding a area the beaters and dogs are sent in and as the animals start running out it starts sounding like a saturday night in muldersdrift. It really was an experience. Most popular rifles was cz rifles in 308, 30-06 and 7x 64 there was also a couple of combination guns.
The other times were solo walk and stalk hunts. I was given permission by the local game warden and he lent me a 308 as well. It was summer and only roedeer bucks was on the menu. The local game warden is in charge of his area of forest and has authority to give out qoutas for hunting season he is responsible for animal life in his forest as well as timber harvesting this type of hunting is free as long as the warden has given permission and is notified off kills.
I put a whole roe (they are small animals) into a traditional african style potjie amd invited everyone on the street for a potjie dinner. It was such a hit i had the locals lining up for the recipe. (Like potjiekos has a recipe😬)

Hunting is big in rural poland and a very cultural experience.
I hope to next time i am there do some pheasant hunting.
Also did some awesome pike fishing while i was there, pretty cool