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    Default TheQM - They may Smash, but they won’t Snatch!

    From R202.00

    Smash & Snatch Buckle.
    Secure your property from a smash and grab attack and theft with a simple piece of equipment that will anchor your valuables in your vehicle or whilst at public places.
    The Smash & Snatch Buckle buys you time!
    Time to drive away, hopefully with the robber flapping in the wind besides your car, or watching the handbag thief stumble and fall while they’re trying to run away but held back by the Smash & Snatch Buckle, hopefully not injuring themselves too badly as their head bounces on the floor.

    It’s really easy to use;
    In your vehicle: Simply insert the smash buckle into the seat belt buckle. Thread, Lock or Caribiner you laptop or other bags to it.

    In the event of a smash and grab your bag cannot be taken out of the car due to the restraint attached.

    At Restaurants, Lectures, Conferences, Airports or other public places simply loop the cable thorough an Anchor Point (Chair, Desk or Railing) secure to your bag with the Carabiner or your own padlock/combination lock.

    You are only limited by your imagination as how to use the Smash & Snatch Buckle to anchor your property, whether at home, in the car or in public places whilst travelling.
    Price includes Vat.
    Full costs displayed BEFORE you have to pay.
    Online Credit Card and EFT Payment options available. we are still very much ONLINE, continue to deliver Nation-Wide and Internationally, Door2Door OR you can pop in and Click’nCollect

    Please contact us at if you need assistance or have a query.


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    Default Re: TheQM - They may Smash, but they won’t Snatch!

    Very clever idea.

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    Default Re: TheQM - They may Smash, but they won’t Snatch!

    Now this is quite a nifty device

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